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Conference prices

We look forward to you. Book now!
We look forward to you. Book now!
We look forward to you. Book now!

Conference flat-rate

Our conference flat-rate can be booked from a minimum of 15 participants.
Price per person: €28.50


  • Provision of the meeting room incl. standard technology (video projector, overhead, screen, 1 flipchart, 1 pin board), free Wi-Fi Internet access and professional conference support

  • Writing board, pad, pen and dextrose for every participant

  • Unlimited large bottles of water + sparkling apple juice

  • 1 x coffee/tea break with biscuits

  • 1 x coffee/team break with optional: cake, pretzel pastries with butter and/or cream cheese; savoury snacks

You are welcome to add the following components to your flat-rates:

Welcome coffee €2 per portion
Small conference drink €1.80 per bottle (0.2 l / 0.25 l)
1/2 bread roll with filling €1,75
Seasonal fruit basket (whole fruits) €3.00 per portion (approx. 250g)
Freshly cut fruit €5,50 per portion (approx. 250g)
Vegetable sticks with herb dip €5,50 per portion (approx. 250g)

Single prices

If you do not want a conference flat-rate, or if this does not apply due to a too small number of participants, the following prices apply:

Room hire incl. Standard technology (projector, screen, pin board, flipchart, overhead projector)
Meeting room 1 ab, 106m² €360,00 per day
Meeting room 1 a, 53 m² €190,00 per day
Meeting room 1 b, 53 m² €190,00 per day
Meeting room 2, 53 m² €190,00 per day
Meeting room 3, 66 m² (in the canteen) €260,00 per day
Coffee breaks
Unlimited coffee and team during breaks ...
... with biscuits €4,50 per person
... with cake €5,50 per person
... with pretzel pastries, butter or cream cheese €5,50 per person
... with 2 half bread rolls, with filling €5,50 per person
... with jars of muesli, yoghurt and fruit €7,50 per person
... with freshly cut fruit €7,50 per person
Conference drinks
Small, juices 0.2 l / Coca Cola 0.2 l / water 0.25 l €1,80 per bottle
Large, water 0.75 l / sparkling apple juice 0.75 l €5,40 per bottle
Unlimited conference drinks (cold) €10,80 per person
Pot of coffee or tea, each 1 l €9,40